Known in the entire world for the wealth of its surrounding hills, the city of Blaye, at 40 kilometers from Bordeaux, on the shore upright of the biggest estuaire of europe, the Gironde's one, with his palette of colors like blue, green, brown, black… according to the tide and the color of sky, lives essentially from viticulture. Introduced by the roman, the culture of the vine takes truly his leap after the marriage of Aliénor d'Aquitaine with Henri II Plantagenêt. His citadel, rebuilt by Vauban, shows his history and impressive number of "big of this world" that have protected, coveted, conquered and simply visited this strong place:

Charlemagne, Roland, Louis XI, Agrippa d'Aubigné, Marry Médicis, Louis XIII, Louis XIV, Mazarin…
FacadeAn history, a patrimoine, to which ones the vignoble of the first Quotations-of-Blaye is intimitely linked (fruity red wine to base merlot, cabernet sauvignon and frank cabernet and white wine to base sauvignon, muscadelle, colombard and sémillon).

Outsides of the recently restored citadel, Blaye posts this listlessness of cities from south, animated to the dawn and to the twilight, made drowsy on mid day. The atmosphere, the climate, the temperature particularly Soft, encourage to the rest, to the visit and to the meditation.




All guest rooms are of 108 €  per night, including breakfast

Third person : you have to add 22 €  per night

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  • 2 night for 2 guests
    with breakfast
    a welcome present
    2 bottles of wine
    a visit to taste the vineyard of the Côtes de Blaye
    Price : 249 €


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VILLA PREMAYAC, 13 rue Prémayac,
33390 Blaye.

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